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Is the Edge Festival going ahead in 2022?


It’s been 3 years since the last Edge Festival in 2019. We’ve all missed out due to the Covid pandemic, so let’s all come together, let our hair down and have a fabulous weekend of music, food and drink, poetry and literature, dancing under the stars. All overlooking the wild Pembrokeshire coastline.

We think its very unlikely there will be Covid restrictions in July 2022 for outdoor events. But if there are restrictions that mean we need to cancel, we will do so more than 30 days before the Festival and you can get your money back.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets are available now here

Is it suitable for children?

Yes. There are lots of activities for children as well as a bouncy castle. During Saturday and Sunday we have lots of familes. Please note that parents must be responsible for their children at all times.

How do I support the festival?

The Edge Festival is a local charity and is run by volunteers who live here.

We welcome donations to help fund the festival and so that we can keep ticket prices as low as possible.

Who benefits from the Edge Festival?

The village of Solva. The Edge Festival is a registered charity and is run by volunteers. No one working to make the Festival a success is paid any money.

Any surplus made by the Edge Festival is donated to charitable and educational causes in Solva and the surrounding area.

Do I need to pay for children under 16 years old?

No you don’t. You can bring your children under 16 years old for free. All parents must have a ticket. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times while at the Edge Festival. Our volunteers cannot be responsible for them.

Can I bring my dog to the Edge Festival?

Sorry but no. There are too many safety issues regarding dogs at an event of our size. Please come and join us and we hope you can find a nice a home for your dog that weekend. We are not sure dogs like rock and roll anyway!


Can I bring a camper van?

Yes, as long as it is is not too big. Think VW camper van rather than US style RV.

We do not allow caravans unless you have a disability (blue badge). Please contact us if you need this.

I have a big tent, is that OK?

We are OK with family size tents but not small marquees.

If you are not sure, please contact us with the dimensions of your tent.

Can I pitch the night before?

You can pitch from Friday 24th July and leave morning of Monday 27th July.

Are there showers and toilets

There are some limited showers and toilet facilities available in our clubhouse.

Please note that access to these may be temporarily closed for some periods of the Festival due to artists requirements.


The Second Edge Festival Listed in the Telegraph’s Top 10 Things To Do In Pembrokeshire in 2016.